About Toughla

Toughla is a leading manufacturer of brake lining and brake pads. We are based out of Delhi and are a leading supplier of quality car brake pads, truck brake linings, truck brake pads etc.

We manufacture products suitable for TATA trucks, Mahindra vehicles, and buses. We have a global footprint.

Toughla Brake Lining is an emerging leader in the field of friction technology. We are committed to provide the products that meet high quality standards to our client base. Each of our products undergoes tough scrutiny check-ups to ensure maximum benefit to the clients and users.

Our Vision

Continuously remind us what each brake means to a family.

Our Mission

Our mission is all our business activities will aim to achieve, collectively or independently but definitely not by contradicting our goals.

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We believe our responsibility is to manufacture products that fulfill market demands in a safe, cost-effective and eco friendly manner. At Toughla Brake Linings, we have a team of excellent Engineers, Auto Mechanics and R&D Experts. We also incorporate modern day technology and computer simulation to improve the quality of our products and check them to ensure safety. Know more about the policy here.

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