Passenger Vehicle Brake Pads

As we know disc brakes are used on the front axle of passenger cars. Depending on the load, disc or drum brakes are used on the rear axle. Brake pads are a complex mixture of organic binder, inorganic powders, synthetic fibers and metal particles, each of which performs a definite role in the finished product. The following remarks are limited to the disc brake.

Essential requirements with regard to the brake system. The essential requirements placed on a brake system can be summarised as follows:

  • Minimum stopping distance under all operating conditions
  • Good brake comfort (no judder, no squealing, good pedal feel)
  • Adequate service life of the wearing parts

As far as brake pads as essential co-functioning elements for the braking procedure are checked in TOUGHLA in consideration with following measures:

  • Friction stability over a very wide temperature range
  • Low dependence of the coefficient of friction on the contact pressure, speed and environmental influences
  • Good mechanical strength and resistance to deformation
  • Wear status within the specified limit values
  • Adequate wear behaviour of the brake pads


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