Brake Lining T11H AF

Front and Rear Drum Brake application for HCV, Trailers and LCV.

Toughla HC AF 393 is a rigid moulded Non-Asbestos Friction Material in Dark Grey color. It contains short filaments of Synthetic man made mineral fibers and organic fibers with highly thermally stable “Novalak” Phenolic Powder Resin as a binder and fused in a matrix which contributes to the strength and performance in terms of Friction/ Wear properties. Suitable for use in front and Rear Axle Heavy Commercial Vehicle Drum Brake application.|t can also be
used forTraiIer application.

Toughla HC AF 393 has excellent Fade and Wear resistance and good recovery characteristics.


Maximum Temperature


Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature

8 Bar

Maximum Operating Pressure (Air Brake)