Brake Lining T33h AF

Front and Rear Drum Brake application for HCV, Trailers and LCV.

Toughla T33HAF is a Non-Asbestos Friction Material. It is a rigid moulded product in Dark Grey color and has short filaments of Synthetic man made mineral fibers, Ceramic fibers and Synthetic Potassium Fibers with Highly thermally stable “Novalak” Phenolic Powder Resin as a binder and fused in a matrix which contributes to the strength and performance in terms of excellent torque characteristics even at high speeds and Friction/ Wear properties stable up to 300°C. Suitable for use in front and Rear Axle Heavy Commercial Vehicle Drum Brake application. It can also be used for
Trailer application. T33HAF can also be used for Light Commercial Vehicle Front and Rear Hydraulic Brake Application.

Toughla T33HAF has excellent Torque, Fade, Recovery and Wear resistance characteristics. It also has good Wet Recovery Characteristics.





90 in Rockwell HRL



Heat Swell @200 C


Water Swell


Cross Breaking Strength Kg/cm2